June 22nd, 2004

Mej Fan Club

The Majors

I have reached a new level of nerddom. soarjubs has invited me into the Executive Game. A slot has opened in the weekly geek roundtable and my name was raised as a possible candidate. The Geeks were intrigued by the mere fact that I am among the rare breed of female RPGers, but have assured me that my abilities have also preceded me, and this is not a mere pander to Affirmative-Action style slot filling--I'd have been considered, girl or not.

I am honored, and yet I kinda feel like the T1000 about to lose my camping store to Frank Jr. and Diamond Dave. This is huge. I have been asked to meet with the group and participate in an "interview module" to show my stuff and see what kind of fit I would be in the game. The date for this has not yet been set, and I'm nervous. Am I nerd enough?
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