July 21st, 2004


If you ain't squeakin', you ain't gettin' greased.

I have spent literally all day writing a letter to the corporate and human resources offices of my apartment management company. I was on page four when I received news that will force me to revise this letter to lessen the severity of the tone a tad. Yesterday, a new chapter in the ongoing lease renewal saga began. Since the letter I've been writing has to be good for something, allow me use excerpts from it to explain. After I made the call referenced in the linked entry above...

I bumped into Mr. [Manager] chatting with a maintenance staff member, I said hello, told him my name again, and he snapped that he knew who I was. I asked if he had any status to report regarding my new lease prices. [He] grew even more defensive, hastily saying that making up new prices takes a long time. I said that my asking was neither an accusation nor a complaint; that I was just hoping for some information regarding the progress he had made since my current lease was ending soon, and I did not know what I was supposed to do should a new lease not be finalized before that date.

The next day, [he] had coincidentally finished his research and happily reported that he would be able to reduce my rent hike from $100 to $40. ... He said ... I would have a new lease under my door by the end of that week.

[Monday night] I found a letter under my door from [Leasing] (dated July 17) cheerily praising my status as a valued resident, thanking me for my continued loyalty to [company], and offering me an opportunity to renew my current lease. I called [her] on the morning of July 20 and said that Mr. [Manager] and I had been negotiating my lease since May, that he offered me a new price and had promised to have a new lease drafted for me three weeks ago but I had not heard anything since. She very politely said she did not have any indication of these conversations in her file, but that she would contact [Manger] and sort it out with him.

About ten minutes later, Mr. [Manger] calls me at my office and curtly says, "[Leasing] says you want to talk to me." I said I didn't necessarily have to talk to him, but that [Leasing] had no knowledge of the conversations he and I had been having over the past two months. Mr. [Manager] mumbled that he was not at his desk and I said that was okay, but to let [Leasing] know about the discussions he and I had before she drafts a lease for me, because if the lease she writes does not have the price he had quoted to me on it, that I would return it for a correct one. Mr. [Manager] said that he "talks to 2000 people a day and he can't remember what he said to who" and said that he may have quoted me a new price, or he may not have, but that he writes everything in his notes. I offered to let him call me back when he had his notes in front of him and he demanded to know why he should do that. I said that I would not sign a lease that did not have the price on it he quoted to me before, and incredulously asked, "So if you know what the price is, why are we talking right now?"

I reminded Mr. [Manager] that it was he who called me. "So what do you want?" he barked, and I said all I wanted the lease that he promised me three weeks ago. He heaved a heavy exasperated sigh and started to complain about how busy he is when I interrupted him to say "don't start huffing and puffing about this." Mr. [Manager] began ranting and raving about how "I don't know him like that" and how he was walking at the time and that made him sigh , and how I "can't be speaking to [him] like some child" and that "nobody talks to [him] like he's a child".

I spoke to Mr. [Manager] "like a child" because he was acting "like a child". When I told him this, he shouted that the "conversation is over" and hung up on me.

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Accentuate the Positive

Meanwhile, in the Realm of Positivity, the gal who works the desk at my gym complimented me on my devotion to working out. She said that there are a lot of people who belong to the gym, but I'm one of the few who really go. She said she's going to put me on her list of inspirational people.

Well isn't that the sweetest thing ever.
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