July 26th, 2004


Chaser: Miracle Drug? Experienced Drinker Says YES!

I'll get into a full weekend in review as soon as I can, but I'd like to share this public service announcement immediately, as information such as this should not be buried in a long story about my weekend.

Learn it
Know it
Live it

Friday night I was at a friend's house getting ready to go on a beer run for an evening of hanging out, shooting the shit, and maybe some drinking games. His girlfriend suggested we try that Chaser stuff that they have that awesome commercial for, so we went out and got some, followed the instructions, and proceeded to spend the next 6 hours merrily drinking, about 2 of which playing Punishment Bucket. Crashed at about 2, woke up feeling perky but slightly headachey when my alarm went off at 9:30.
Test one: favorable.

Saturday we went to a wedding. Followed the directions on the Chaser box to a T this time (took first dose with first drink, additional doses every 5 or so more, drank water before going to bed). The reception was from 6 until 11: we hit a bar between the ceremony and the reception, then afterwards, went to 2 more and ended up closing a karaoke bar at 4am. Crashed at around 5:15, bounced out of bed at 11 head, body, and brain-ache free, and spent the day poking around shops and a flea market until embarking on our 5-hour drive home at 5pm.
Test two: exceeded all expectations.

It's about $6 for a 5-dose box. Think of it as buying your weekend days for the cost of one more drink.
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