August 5th, 2004

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Other People's Journals This Morning:

I've often thought about how if all things were truly balanced in this world, for every entry I write about some schumuck being rude in public, there's another journal entry about some deranged breast-threatening chick running around disrupting people's days. Today, with the help of my Alternate-Universe-A-Scope, I have seen those journals.

August 5, 2004
mood: mopey
music: you wouldn't know them. they're like deep in the scene.

the bus is way too depressing. these sheep just need to get to their jobs. they all file in line taking turns getting off the bus in a row. baa baa baa like they're waiting to be sheared. i can't take this proletarian rank and file red tape bullshit. shake things up, man. i wanted to show them theres more to orderly fashion and taking turns to life, so i stood up in the aisle before it was my "turn". and this drone chick puts her bag over her shoulder all wide like so SHE can take her "turn". people just don't get me.

August 5, 2004
mood: jacked, man.
music: hobastank

My commute today sucked. I was standing with my back leaning on the entire handle pole thing (I like to do that so nobody else, including the old man next to me can't hold on to it) with my ass in the face of this chick sitting down reading her paper. I mean, god damn. every time she turned the page, it would brush against my ass. So then we stop at the Arlington Cemetary and these two old tourists, I mean ancient, go to get off the train. they're all quiet and shit about it, not making a scene and asking people to let them by. so I'm standing there leaning on my pole watching them. Sure I could have moved, but then I'd lose my good spot right in front of the door. haha the stupid old farts didn't to the door in time! they had to get out at the next stop. then a few stops later the chick with her face in my ass gets up and I stand there on my pole. She doesn't even go around me. she just gets up and like pushes against me and then shoves her bag in my belly and keeps pushing even when she was past me! I couldn't believei t! what a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow. Amazing. I promise I'll only use the Alternate-Universe-A-Scope for good and not evil. But what an interesting glimpse into things it gives.

Speaking of good and not evil, I have decided my superhero name is the Justice Guerilla. Any artsy types who would like to submit insignia, costume or signal ideas, please do so. Ape themes encouraged.
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