October 26th, 2004


Puerto Rico Trip Continued

I just looked up my flight confirmation to check my seats. My reservation number has expired. No biggie: that was the original reservation before the cancellation and rescheduling. I call them for the new one, and they say that's expired too - I missed my flight on September 28. September 28? My flight is on Thursday, October 28. No, it's here as September 28. That's not what I asked for. It says that in the confirmation email we sent you. I did not receive a confirmation email, the lady said I didn't need one since this record locator would still work. We can't honor your voucher since you made the re-reservation a long time ago in July. You did not call before September 28 to reschedule. Why would I do that? I'm flying out on Thursday. I will try to find you the best price for Thursday. I'm not paying you again for a flight I have not taken. Hold please. thank you for holding. Hold one more moment please. I need to speak to my manager. I will call you back after I speak with my manager and I will solve this for you.
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Puerto Rico Trip Continued Pt. II

26 October 2004

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing in praise of the superior customer service I have received from the team at Spirit Airlines, particularly Christine and Arlene, who were working on the morning of Tuesday, October 26, 2004.

I had logged on to spiritair.com to check my seats and print my boarding pass for my flight on Thursday, October 28. Having had changed this reservation earlier, I was not surprised that the reservation code was no longer valid. I called and spoke to Christine and asked for the new code. She was happy to give it to me but noticed that the new code showed me booked on a flight on September 28. Apparently when I called over the summer to make the reservation change, the rebooking was mis-entered. Christine very patiently passed me over to her manager Arlene, who listened carefully to the situation and offered to call me when she had solved the problem with her manager. Arlene called me within 2 hours with the necessary solution.

Christine and Arlene’s calm demeanors, caring tones of voice, and swift and thorough responses should not go unnoticed by Spirit Airlines. In a world of sadly deteriorating customer service, you have two shining stars on your team.

I am tremendously pleased with the service I have received from Spirit – and I haven’t even taken off yet! Keep up the good work.


Mae N. Carnate