November 2nd, 2004


Puerto Rico in Bytes

► Mambo #5 is still relevant in Puerto Rico. We heard it every day, whether it was the electromambodancemegamix, or the lounge-band-casio version, it was unaviodable.

► Puerto Ricans can be pansies when it comes to the sun. All this "the sun is strongest here in the world" "10 minutes and you'll crisp right up" BS resulted in little more than a base tan. After staying dissapointlingly pale after an 11am-2pm layout, I went down from an SPF 8 to a 5. By day 3 I learned my lesson and finally got a little action.

► Everyone talks about how awesome the shopping is there. Yes, there is no sales tax, which is awesome, but I was hoping for more unique things than a Polo Outlet, Coach Outlet, Reebok Outelet, and so on. Also, 50% off is not really a bargain (to me at least) when the item was already 3x more than I was willing to pay for it.

► Burger King outnumbers McDonalds like 10 to 1.

Medalla is bueno.

► I love my new digital camera. I will be posting the rest of my vacation tidbits in a photo-essay of sorts.
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