December 6th, 2004


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I feel all bloaty and noodly and dizzy, and there's a dull pain in my upper abdomen/lower chest where my ribcage dips up. According to WebMD, my pancreas is about to fly out of my mouth, which would be a different way to spend my Monday.

As desperately as I have been trying, what with listening to Christmas Carols in the morning while getting ready, having my tree and decorations up, and being nearly done with my shopping, I am not yet in the Christmas Spirit, which for me is unusual. I'm normally counting the days since October, but my body and mind still feel like September.
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Past Due Puerto Rico Photos

Some photos from my trip to Puerto Rico in October, starting with the quintessential Puerto Rico Photo:

This is a "garita" on the fort of El Morro. While it looks window-sized, it is large enough to stand in, and was used as a sentry tower.

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