December 14th, 2004



Dear World:

Please do not expect to garner sympathy from me with either the implication or the outright statement, "you got me sick."

With the very sentiment, you imply understanding that I too am or have very recently been sick and that I only have so much energy left to feel bad for you. Furthermore, I did not create this sick, but have also contracted it from someone else as a result of my own lapse in immunity.

You may have caught the illness from our fellow co-worker who bemoaned similar symptoms as mine on Friday afternoon, or judging from the difference in the description of your symptoms, you may very well have gotten it from someone on the Metro, one of your friends, or (if you have them) your disease-ridden children.

Nobody gets you sick but you. Take your goddamn vitamins and leave me to wallow in my own snot.

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