January 13th, 2005


TV is my Bitch

What I realized is missing in my life A.T. (Anno TiVonium) is smart TV. The lazy days of channel flipping usually yielded a stop or two on the History Channel, Discovery, or Discovery Health. Now that I'm watching what I want to watch when I want to watch it, and that I can no longer tolerate regular TV, I have a week's worth of Judge Judy, Sex and the City, and Comedy Central's 2pm/2am "Shows Too Funny For Most People to Appreciate" block. I realized I didn't have too many random topics to bring up in conversation anymore, since most of them start with "I saw this really neat show on the History Channel..."

Armed with this realization and the TiVo Online Scheduler I can cruise through the smart TV offerings from my computer, which is much faster and easier to navigate than with the remote and the TV. Better still, since I don't have a constant phone connection to my TiVo, the online scheduler can see things farther into the future than my TiVo generally can.

This, of course, has resulted in me seeing some more non-smart TV, such as Gerhard Reinke's Wanderlust, a show so fucking funny Comedy Central could only handle making 6 episodes of, TV Funhouse, thanks to ao's incessant promotion, Drawn Together,

THIS JUST IN: IMming with Gamer while composing this entry, I have learned that the new channel G4TTV is all about video games. TV for Video Games. Whodathunkit. And if The History of Mortal Kombat turns out to be as awesome as it sounds, we have a Season Pass, alrighty.

anyhoo. Smart TV. Yes.

The Smart Channels tend to air their material seven times a day, which is good for me since my TiVo can only record one thing at a time, so I can record "Sex on the Pacific Front" at 4am when nothing else is being recorded. Some of my selections, however, have been "Cable in the Classroom" Shows, which also air in the wee hours of morning, tend to have good topics, but have convinced my that TiVo I'm four. Ever since then, it's been suggesting "Timmy Goes to School" or someshit. Just when I trained it to stop recording shows about adultery (just because Carrie cheated on Aidan that doesn't mean I want to see "Diary of an Affair"), and still haven't told it that while I enjoy the novelty of Pet Keeping with Marc Marrone, that doesn't mean I want to see "Animal Cops: Detroit".

By the way, all these links weren't put here to make my post be all pretty and underliney. Consider this free scheduling advice.
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Interactive LJ Fun!

Last night, coldblackncold, bobwhite, and Mickey's friend Tom played Loaded Questions, a game I got from g_nice at this year's Roto Santa Party. The game is as fun as the gentleman on the left would have you believe. Basically, you ask a question, everyone writes their answer down, and the answers are read to you, and you have to guess who said them. Hilarity ensues.

One of the questions was: "Write a rhyme for this: Once I had a pretty cat..."

Hooby Dooby that was a fun one. I won't share in a public forum what answers were provided. I know it's late in the day and LJ is nearly closed for business, but how about this:

Write a matching rhyme for these phrases:

The sky outside was blue and dreamy...

He said "my oh my how you have grown"...

She wore a gown adorned with lace...
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