January 21st, 2005


Vacation, etc.

Two hours and fifteen minutes back at work and already my eyes are so dried out they're ready to fall out of my skull. The office was closed on Monday and Thursday, so I took off Tuesday and Wednesday and have been enjoying my six-day weekend so far. People have been asking me why I bothered coming in today for just a one-day week, and I figure, why waste a vacation day on what's bound to be a total slackoff day anyway.

I spent my at-home vacation cleansing my living space (as evidenced by my earlier post), and hanging out at Gamer's with him, Jennifer, and Emily, playing Katamari Damacy, making good on my promise to organize their boxes full of photographs, and providing a set of watchful eyes for the sleep-deprived new parents of a baby who has yet to conceptualize night and day.

I'm constantly amazed at how my perception of myself differs from photographs, especially in hindsight. I never look as good as I think I do when I do, or as bad as I think I do when I do. And for god's sake, I've got to stop making that gag Anna Nicole-esqe hammy face for pictures. It's neither funny haha or funny silly. It just looks awkward and makes for multiple chins. It is for this reason, I am confident, that I have only ever seen Penelope Cruz smiling with teeth in one photograph ever: she looks like freaking Dopey the 7th Dwarf. I should take a cue from that.
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