March 14th, 2005


The Nerd Poll

I am endlessly fascinated by the results of Friday's Nerd Poll. Coincidentally, I decided after I finished a project at around one on Friday afternoon, I would do no more work for the remainder of the day. This allowed me ample time to discuss the results with Sparky and Gamer. I guess I have to admit that I put the results in a spreadsheet, because it's going to become apparent sooner or later.

The poll emerged from a few questions I was going to ask about which Indiana Jones chick is the hottest--a topic touched upon during Wednesday Night Nerding, which made me think of a moment later in the evening when one of the Nerds, with exceptional comic timing, busted out with some coordinates of the Death Star. I knew what they were when I heard them, but I could never spout them out like that, and I can't even remember what they are now. It got me thinking: this guy is clearly a bigger Star Wars Nerd than I am. And so came the poll.

Since posting, the nerdiness of some of these categories has been put under speculation. As have the jarring disparities between the respondents' Overall Nerd Quotients and the averages of their other responses. It begs the questions: How do you qualify yourself as a nerd in a particular category? What is Nerdy? Is nerdiness cumulative or do we all think we're bigger dorks than we really are?
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