March 29th, 2005


LJ Self-Challenge #2: Bi-Daily Posting

I am going to force myself to post twice a day for the remainder of this week. For some reason I feel smarter when I'm transcribing inanity in an accessible medium.


Thanks to mac for this

Movie-theater size boxes of Gobstoppers are on sale at CVS for $0.88.

Rarely has my attention to comedy backfired monetarily than yesterday. A friend of mine from work came to happy hour on Thursday and forgot to pay before he left. I covered him without concern of his stiffing me later. Yesterday morning, he approached me, apologized for forgetting to pay and assured me he'd cough up the dough. A few moments later, to break what I was beginning to observe was nervous tension, I told him about the amusing manner in which drunken Bob insisted I not give him any money. The part I think I didn't stress about that little tale was how I gave Bob money for the two of us anyway, and I have a distinct feeling that I joked myself out of 20 bucks.
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Or is it Semi-Daily?

A note to everyone, but in particular the gals: buy Flax Seed Meal. Once a day, mix two tablespoons of flax seed meal in a 6oz tub of yogurt. Stir and consume. Invest in emory boards. Your nails will grow like iron weeds.

Additional benefits include silky hair and...digestion you could set your watch to.

My health insurance company can go get fucked. I have mailed in the same claims 4 times and they have failed to acknowledge receipt of them 4 times. In fact, insurance companies, towing companies, and check cashing places can all go get fucked. Email me if you would like a particular industry added to this list.

Big ups to D. Gupta of the Arlington County parking violation review board for not only making good on his promise to remove the late fee for my expired emissions inspection ticket should I prove I got the inspection, but nixing the whole darned thing. You have saved me $70. I should mail you a cookie.

I reached a new level of Metro bitchery today, giving a piece of my mind to the train operator himself. Every day this asswipe pulls the 8:12am 4 car train up to the point where the 6 car trains are supposed to stop, leaving a 2-car long gap at the end of the platform, causing passengers to run to and then cram into the last car. I asked him if he was aware he was only carrying 4 cars and his excuse was if he stopped so that the train was at the end, the people in the front of the platform would have to run. I asked him why he is the only conductor who hasn't yet figured out how to center the train on the platform, then hopped into the nearest door, fearing he would close me out of them.
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