March 30th, 2005

When I'm Bad I'm Better

Metaphor alert!

Moral highground is a shaky place on which to try and stand. It seems to offer nearly no secure footing, and there really isn't much room anyway. Push and shove to get up there, and everyone's going to come crashing down into the same old pile.

That being said, the irony of my dedication to publicly embarrassing public embarrassments is not lost on me. I am at times ruder than the rude I target, and am certain there is plenty of room to perceive what I deem justice for the conscious as overzealous targeting of the oblivious. Perhaps it is not they who need the lesson in awareness but I who need to learn how to look away.
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Pimp My...Self

A group of guys moved into the apartment one floor down and cattycornered from me. They have what looks like a black-and-white TV from the Sims and no other furniture other than the table at which they sit and drink 40's every evening at approximately 11:30pm. They have already proven more interesting than my Saturday Afternoon Salsa Cleaning Party neighbor. I also met the children of the new Japanese family across the way. Judging from his awed gasp, one of them spotted the Millipede machine when I opened my door.

One of the guys at Nerd Night recently commented on how many gadgets I have, what between my iPod and my Nintendo DS, this coming from a guy with a flashy sportscar with a suped up sound system. The way I see it, as a Metro rider, I am my car. An iPod is the best sound system I can get. My game boy provides me with a certain bucket seat of comfort in which I can sit and block out the world around me.

As much as I complain about taking Metro, I do love learning the price of gas from random LJ laments and wondering where my car is and when the last time I drove it was when I go searching for it in the parking lot.
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