April 5th, 2005


Sin District

Mickey and I went to see Sin City last night. The only even semi-negative review I heard of it was that the dialogue, taken directly from the comics, came off a little curt and stilted onscreen. While I agree the dialogue was very comic-booky, it was not to the film's detriment. The actors nailed every one of those lines so perfectly you could almost hear where one talk bubble ended and the next began.

I stand by my statment that Dick Tracy is the best comic book movie ever made. Sin City, however, gives it a run for it's money.

Mick got a parking ticket for overstaying his welcome in a 2-hour zone. Frustration turned into fury when we noticed the ticket was issued at 7:45--1 hour and 25 minutes after he parked. DC will be receiving a sharply-worded letter and a series of receipts (inluding the movie ticket stub purchased at 6:18, dinner receipt at 7:10 and bar receipt from 7:50). DC tax on dinner was 10%. We donated enough to the district last night.
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