April 28th, 2005


The Worst: Week 2

Week 2 of The Worst ends today at 4pm. Week 3, featuring the second round of the North/South divisions starts tomorrow morning. While this week has been a lot more decisive than last week, the heated Beyoncee/Melanie Griffith battle rages on. There's still time to vote!

What will happen tomorrow? Will skin-of-their teeth victors such as Eminem, Dennis Rodman, Crappy Eddie Murphy, Howard Stern, and the default sucker Fiddy Cent cut the muster in the quarter-finals? How will the battle between the demihumans Paris "Blowjob Celebrity" Hilton and John "Fitness Celebrity" Basedow go down? Is Dr. Phil more despicable than Anna Nicole Smith?

For the full bracket, please visit The Worst.
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