May 2nd, 2005

Dog Balls

nuh-uh, this chick is BROKE.

I have $113 dollars to my name until pay day on Friday, and I'm lucky to have that much, mostly thanks to my charging a lot of things (i.e. groceries) that I normally would put on my check card these past few weeks. I bought a bunch of stuff last night so I could bring lunch this week and had a head full of plans of lasting on the $7.50 in my wallet until at least Thursday.

I slept for shit last night, woke up late, and upon putting on real shoes for the first time since I gave myself a pedicure yesterday morning, realized my exfoliation technique needs a little softening. I missed the bus, and didn't feel like walking a whole lot. So what did I do? I drove in to work. $12 to park. Then I could not resist a breakfast sandwich, and I needed coffee since I was so tired and oh look they have the juice I like mmm hash browns makes for an $8.50 breakfast. Had to go to the ATM so I can liberate my car later and paid $3 in fees to do so.

Let's do the math, shall we? In the first hour of my week of frugality, I managed to spend just over 20% of my money. Way to willpower, Mej.
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Attention Internet:

Use of the word "actually" is a one-way, nonstop ticket to an Internet Tone Descrepancy. No matter how genuine or actual its use may be, it sounds bitchy as all hell. Especially when it is used within the first few words of a sentence. For example:

USER A: I think the moon is made out of gouda cheese.
USER B: Actually, it's cheddar.


USER A: I think the moon is made out of gouda cheese.
USER B: I hear ya, but it's actually made out of cheddar.

Say it out loud to yourself. It's almost impossible to leave the accent off the first syllable and sound all valley girl. It works almost magically similar to opening your comment with the written "um". There are plenty of phrases and words that are suitable substitutes, so I suggest for the good of the order, we try to drop the word altogether.

Avoiding Internet Tone Descrepancies: together, we can eliminate a lot of unnecessary conflict.
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