May 11th, 2005


Hitchhiker's Guide

I have never read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. This is no fault of my own, really. I have tried to read it three times. Three times I have borrowed it from someone only to lose the book before I left the room in which it was lent to me. Knowing what I know about this book, I realized the book does not want me to read it, and I have been respectful of the book's decision. While I'm sure I would likely enjoy this book, and hear that it's very good, I do not feel a loss, rather a certain sense of pride at having been discriminated against by a work of literature.

veejay and I were talking on the phone the other night and he was telling me about the fun and involved crowd at the theater when he went to see the movie. Something about raincoats? I dunno. I told him I look forward to seeing the movie but haven't read the book, and explained my situation. VJ, the pragmatist's pragmatist, wasn't having this for a second. He conveniently had a copy of the complete anthology on his desk in front of him, and at that very moment, filled out a FedEx label to send it to me. "If this gets lost by FedEx, I'll believe it."

The little startup that could may have thwarted the cosmos. I have in my hands The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide. If the book stays with me until COB today, the curse will be broken. Or maybe it wasn't a curse at all; maybe I just wasn't ready for it until now.
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