May 12th, 2005


The Worst: Week 4

Week 4 of The Worst ends today at 4pm. It has been a week of overwhelming suckage against all the odds: 4 out of the 8 contests show the lower-seeded, less-likely to suck player blowing the spunk out of perennial celebrity embarrassments like Fitness Celebrity John Basedow at a highway rest stop.

Tomorrow (for real this time): the nitty gritty; the down and dirty; the Nicole Ritchie. I'm talkin' about the semis, babies. Can Dennis Rodman ride the fumes of his steaming Y2K turds hard enough to nail Paris Hilton? Tune in tomorrow.

For the full bracket, please visit The Worst.
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The Worst: Spreading Like Wildfire

Three Peat for Dennis Rodman

May 12, 2005 -- DENNIS Rodman's life is far too important for just one autobiography, or even two. The Worm (above), as the NBA's tattooed rebounding legend was dubbed, just inked a deal for his third memoir, this time covering his life from 1998 to the present, according to his agent at Prince Marketing Group. "The Worm Returns," to be written by Jack Eisenhour, follows "Bad As I Wanna Be," which sold over 1 million copies, and "Walk on the Wild Side." Rodman, who will turn 44 on Friday the 13th with his new wife and his two children, will mark two years of being sober in October.

Three autobiographies...tomorrow's his third matchup...IS THIS A SIGN?
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