May 13th, 2005


The Worst: Week 5

The Worst
Rules (a review):
Vote for the celebrity of the paring that, in your opinion, more suits the Qualification Criteria or otherwise irritates you more. If you like both, dig deep within your soul to find the one you like less.

The winner of the matches will go on to face more shitty celebrities, the loser will be elimiated. In short: Vote for the person you think sucks more than the other. To move forward is to suck more. To be eliminated is to suck less.

Bitching about how someone you love/respect/think is awesome has made it on the list or ended up defeating someone you think is far shittier than they, is a foul. Them's the ropes. All contestants were democratically nominated and their caliber has been decided by popular vote. You may simply have bad taste. Don't comment or start flames about how so-and-so has no place in this or should never have beaten whoever.

In the event of a tie, the lower seeded celebrity, who sucked enough to tie a higher seed, truly sucks enough move to the next round.

Standings and the full bracket can be viewed here: The Worst

Voting for week 5 will close on Thursday, May 19. Week 4 voting will begin Friday, May 20.
Poll #493101 The Worst - Week 5 Semi (Quarter? I dunno) Finals

North Bracket 1 vs. 13

#1 Seed: Paris Hilton
#13 Seed: Dennis Rodman

North Bracket 6 vs. 7

#6 Seed: Starr Jones, esq.
#7 Seed: Mariah "Mimi" Carey

South Bracket 4 vs. 9

#4 Seed: Whoopi Goldberg
#9 Seed: 50 "Fiddy" Cent

South Bracket 2 vs. 6

#2 Seed: Yoko-Ono-Era John Lennon
#6 Seed: Anna "I wanna pickle" Nicole Smith

East Bracket 4 vs. 8

#4 Seed: Mdme. Celine Dion
#8 Seed: Fred "The Oprah Crusher" Durst

East Bracket 2 vs. 3

#2 Seed: Post-Motherhood Madonna
#8 Seed: Carrot Top

West Bracket 5 vs. 8

#5 Seed: Britney Spears Federline
#8 Seed: Sharon/Kelly Osbourne

East Bracket 2 vs. 11

#2 Seed: Michael Jackson
#11 Seed: Ashlee Simpson
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