May 16th, 2005



Laziness and bad customer service get under my skin like some sort of explosive parasite. I tried to get my prescription from the CVS near my office on the way in and surprisingly for a pharmacy in a business district, the pharmacy doesn't open until 8:30. Fine. Wait. 8:35, gates still closed, nobody moving around inside. I asked the cashier at the front of the store if she could call back and get the pharmacy person to come out since it's 8:35 and they're not open yet. Blank stare. "Pharmacy hours are 8:30-6". Yes. It's 8:35. "Pharmacy opens at 8:30." I point to the clock behind her and she smiles and shrugs. Ask again if she can call the pharmacy attendant to come out. "You seen Ms. Kennedy today?" "Who?" "Ms. Kennedy - Pharmacy." "Nope." "We ain't seen her." Are you the manager today? "Nope." ... "Can you call the manager for me?"

Manager appears, not looking particularly managerial in dirty jeans and no identifying employee demarcations. "Hi. It's 8:40 and the Pharmacy was supposed to open 10 minutes ago. The ladies up front don't seem to know what's going on - can you get the pharmacist to open up? I'm kind of late for work now." Manager blinks, "yeeeah. I got a floater coming in but they're like stuck in traffic or something." That's the best this fucker's got? "Well, can you open up for me back there? I just need to pick up a prescription." "Nope, I can't do that."

Ugh. This filled me with such rage and frustration that I got a bagel instead of eating my packed breakfast and now I feel sick from the butter. So I wrote an email to what was my standard morning radio station until today, when for the 7th of that many days, they played the same song at 7:30. I may have just let it go any other day but now I'm all full of grease and spitfire. I would have liked to C&P the body of that email here but I forgot to and so on. One of those days.

Edit: I just got a response from the radio station. I was wrong - it was the same band *4* out of the past 7 work days. Oopsie. But a nice and actually read-and-written response nonetheless. Good work, Bill Hess from Wash-FM. I feel humbled and am now laughing at myself for emailing a radio station. Today will be better after all.
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"It's ON, Nerdgirl."

I have entered into a little Nerdly tit-for-tat with our VP of Marketing. At happy hour friday night, she asked me what I was doing there, since she figured I'd be on line for Star Wars by then. Someone who has confessed to reading The Silmarillion (multiple times) has *got* to realize just how glass a house she lives in.

But no. Today she forwards me an email from "Birthday Express" featuring the best paper products you can buy for your child's Star Wars themed birthday party.

From: Marketing VP
Sent: Monday, May 16, 2005 11:05 AM
To: Mae Incarnate
Subject: New! Star Wars III party & costumes

Just in case you weren’t prepared..

Oh yeah. You don’t DO Star Wars.

From: Mae Incarnate
Sent: Monday, May 16, 2005 11:27 AM
To: Marketing VP
Subject: RE: New! Star Wars III party & costumes

So sayeth [Marketing VP] Redhair of the Shire.
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