May 26th, 2005


The Worst: Week 6

Week 6 of The Worst ends today at 4pm.

Two Words: Conference. Finals.

This isn't some overblown ping-pong college team bullhonkey.

This means something, people. The fate of the tourney could be decided today.

For the full bracket, please visit The Worst.

It's that time of year again

There was a letter stuck in my door from the management office this evening. If I may paraphrase:

Dear Resident:

We appreciate your residence here with us. Your lease will expire soon. If you take advantage of our special lease offer and sign a 12-month lease now, we will be happy to extend your lease with no rent increase. Blah blah blah, sign here if you want that.

Compared to last year...

Oh yeah, and the year before...

It almost feels like I received money.

This new management company has been a godsend. And if the rumors are true, all those big time renovations they're doing (new roof, repaving the parking lot, new gates, new elevators, new water and oil tanks, etc.) are to prepare the place to go condo. And if the rest of the rumors are true, people who live here at the time will get a deal on buying. I was hesitant to ask outright about said rumors, worried that if I expressed interest in sticking around until the conversion they'd gouge me on rent. Once I have that signed lease in my hand I'm going to ask.

I need to get my chart done. Something must be going on with my planets.