July 13th, 2005


Your Afternoon Drive with Hot Carl

No Hummer From Dirty Sanchez:

JULY 12--A radio listener has gone to court claiming to have been snookered by a California station that awarded her a new Hummer H2 in an April 1 prize contest--and then instead presented a toy replica of the expensive SUV. Shannon Castillo, 25, apparently did not recognize the possibility that KBDS, a Bakersfield hip-hop/R&B outlet, was perpetrating an April Fool's stunt when she went to the station to claim her vehicle. Castillo and another female listener thought they won the $60,000 wheels in a contest during the KBDS morning show hosted by deejays Chuey Boy and Dirty Sanchez. In fact, the women were given small radio-controlled toys by Sanchez, who broadcast the presentation live via a cell phone. Castillo, a mother of two who works in a sandwich shop, last month filed the below breach of contract/fraud complaint against the radio station in Kern County Superior Court. For its part, KBDS has not shied away from publicizing its Hummer hoax. On the front page of the station's web site is a link ("Win a Hummer H2!") to a page about the April 1 giveaway, complete with a photographic play-by-play of the stunt, including the above shot of Castillo, with Dirty Sanchez at her left shoulder, flipping the bird after being awarded the toy car. The web site notes, "Do you know how many people actually participated thinkin' we were gonna give away an actual hummer? Not on this day!!!"

She's lucky she didn't get a donkey punch from Dirty Sanchez.

Thanks, bestweekever!
When I'm Bad I'm Better

Idle Condemnation is Condonation

Rillifane's post reminded me of a letter to the editor I read on Monday. As I waited for the bus to take me into New York to meet VJ for lunch, I picked up a copy of the Star Ledger. In it was this piece by Anisa Medhi, titled Terror is the Worst Sacrilege Against the Quran.
My emotions are complicated in the wake of this evil. I battle feelings of guilt -- guilt by association because I am Muslim and Muslims are the likely suspects in this case.

I felt a similar guilt as a white person watching white policemen hose down black American civil rights protesters in the 1960s. There was a guilt reading reports of massacres in Bosnia and Rwanda when my great nation might have stepped in to stop the crimes and guilt at seeing it happen again in Darfur, again on my watch.

There is guilt seeing the destruction my tax dollars are bringing to my father's homeland, Iraq. But being associated by faith with people who may be behind this unjustifiable bloodbath is the knottiest. ...

In the light of this tragedy in London, the stories about desecrating the Quran in American military institutions pale. Destroying or disrespecting a book, no matter how precious, cannot be compared with murder.

If Muslim individuals are indeed behind the slaughter of innocents in London, it is they who truly commit sacrilege against Islam's holy book. They are the ones who are truly trashing the Quran.
Finally, I thought. One of the Good Muslims gets it. She's not hiding behind the whole "Religion of Peace" line, she's not trying to just pass it off as the actions of some "bad apples." Those bad apples are spoiling her bunch: her name, her identity, her religion. Anisa Medhi is tired of terrorists ruining it for the rest of the Islamic community. She isn't going to stand by and let it happen anymore.
Every Muslim individual and organization I know condemns these acts of terrorism.
And that was it. No ideas. Nothing. Just the same old crap. Congratulations, nobody you know thinks murder is ok. Next thing you're going to say is you have a gay friend.

Talk is cheap, sister. What are you going to do about it? If you're as offended as you say you are, if terrorists are defiling your holy book or contradicting your peaceful religion, what are you doing to stop them? If you genuinely agree that murder is worse than destroying a book, where's the outrage? Where's the action?

Over in the UK, the call has been made. Empty words in letters to editors aren't going to cut it anymore. If the Anisa Medhis of the world truly abhor the stain terrorism is leaving on her and others like her, she will take a stand. If it is terrorists and only terrorists who are the ones "who truly commit sacrilege against Islam's holy book", she and Muslims like her will be compelled to act against them.

I guess, like all things, we'll have to wait and see. I can hope.