July 26th, 2005



Okay so I ordered some shit off of amazon yesterday and because I didn't have anything else really exciting to look at just now I checked up on the status of my order even though I know damn well that they haven't shipped it yet or anything but hey what the fuck and on the page there they had all of my orders and omigod I forgot for a second there about pre-ordering the Lost DVDs and holy shit THEY'RE GOING TO BE MINE I9N LIKE SIX WEEKS.
When I'm Bad I'm Better

Watching the News with Co Workers

I was invited to come to the front desk area and watch the shuttle launch with my co-workers on the TV in our lobby. Not particularly caring about it, I waited and went up a few minutes later, primarily to go to the bathroom. I walked through the front area, where about 10 of my co-workers were standing, fixated on the flying shuttle engine closeup onscreen. I paused, looked at it, and went on to the ladies room.

I returned, and there they were, staring wide eyed and unblinking at the shuttle, which was now no more than a white dot against the blue sky. I stood around for a few moments, feeling that weird office social pressure to participate in whatever ridiculousness deemed by the group to be worthwhile. The TV announcer said that at 3 1/2 minutes, the shuttle had passed the turn-around point and would not be returning to Kennedy. I watched the screen. Either nothing was going to happen, and the shuttle would drift safely from a dot to a speck until it was invisible, or something horrible would happen. I looked around at the widened watery eyes of my co-workers and was stricken with a nauseated chill. I couldn't watch anymore.

"It's too morbid," I mumbled, "I can't stand here and wait for it to blow up." Nobody even looked at me. One of them said, stare unbroken, that she was keeping the shuttle aloft with her eyes and positive thoughts. Maybe so. But I have to remember to either play along with this office shit, or keep my mouth shut.

Then again, the last time I stared at a TV with my co-workers trying to keep something up with my eyes and positive thoughts, it fell down.


I feel like such a pud for admitting this, but in my happy place, Oasis is on heavy airplay rotation.

In other news, I'd say I was PMSing, but that would involve me keeping junk food out of my mouth for like 7 seconds. Criminy.