August 4th, 2005

When I'm Bad I'm Better

Continuation of a Theme

Today a very ill-tempered and demanding woman came into our office and got us all to bark like dogs when she waved a money around.

After this human tornado left and the place settled down a bit, I was in my boss' office to discuss some other related work things, and she and I both stared at each other wide-eyed for a moment in reflection of this person. My boss broke the silence with "wow...what a...strong woman."

Let's not confuse "bitch" with "strong" folks. Part of being a strong woman is knowing the line between strength and bitchiness. Granted, my boss was euphemizing for the sake of office etiquette, and I know she didn't really mean it. But it still disappoints me to see other women playing so easily into this hand, particularly a self-proclaimed feminist like my boss. We really are our own worst enemy.