August 22nd, 2005

Mej Fan Club

Wet myself...wet my bed

I wet my bed for the first time in years this weekend.

Since I'm supposed to take my medication at least an hour before I eat (and even though my doctor says taking it at about the same time every day doesnt matter I feel it can't hurt), I set my alarm on weekends for my usual weekday wakeup time, roll over, take my medicine, and go back to sleep.

Saturday I did just this. I was waken just moments later by the tinkling sound of me having fallen back to sleep before I put my mug back on the bedstand. I believe I dumped about 12oz of ice water on the bed, which of course welled in the indentation I was making.

Benefit #87 of having a featherbed: I got up, took the sheet and featherbed off, put on a different sheet, and was back to sleep in less time it took me to get back to sleep last night after my zombie nightmare.