August 24th, 2005



If I could do something to make LJ better, it would be to make it so that I never have to see comments by a particular user unless I actively open it. There's this one person in a mostly amusing community I'm in who feels the need to piss all over everything good and witty with her three cents. Everything from "haha too funny!" to randomly assinine contributions that somehow she felt was worth the 70-some keystrokes to share with us.

I want all of her comments replaced with the same kind of link they give to deleted comments and comments from banned users. Something like Comment posted by that dumbfuck you can't stand. Click here if you're feeling masochistic.
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Dremos Thursday?

Picture it: Summer. 2004.

A group of people, linked by friends, colleagues, and colleges, yet bonded by the Internet meet at a local watering hole for drinks and beer games. A fun time is had by all, and it becomes a habit. Such a habit that it becomes second nature to both the revelers to go and the bartenders to expect them there.

Whatever happened to those carefree Thursday evenings of yesteryear? Where indeed have all the flowers gone? Wordsworth may have taught us we can never go back again, but there the bar sits and here we are reading.

Whaddaya say? Dremos tomorrow? Come on. For old time's sake.
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