December 14th, 2005

Mej Fan Club

Mej Places Self on the Virtual "Market"

So I started doing the online dating thing. I struggled a bit with whether or not to come out with this, but I figure everybody's doing it, there are three very successful internet dating relationships in my immediate circle of friends, and the world seems to be getting married right before my eyes. And while I don't feel pressured to jump on that wagon just yet, the pool of single guys I'm six degrees from isn't as deep as it used to be.

With that in mind, I posted a profile shortly before Thanksgiving. I struggled for a long time with it, what to write and what categories to put myself in, but I finally came up with something, bit the bullet, and went for it.

For one, I think a lot of the profiles are fake. If my search results are any indication, the world is teeming with lonely, rock-climbing wine connoisseurs who just can't find that special someone to go have fancy dinners with. Conversely, what a unique gem the fun-loving, spontaneous yet romantic type must be.

I kinda hope they're fake. Either people really are that boring, or they're trying to pad the fact that their primary interests are beer buzzes, blowing a few hours on Battlefield 2, and hanging with their buddies watching football and busting on each other. While the latter doesn't make for a very good profile, I'd rather not be lied to, and don't necessarily trust a guy who claims not to like any of those activities.

Part of my willingness to bring this saga to LJ is because I can't resist sharing the hilarity of some of the IM conversations I've been exposed to as a result. Such as last week's
SomeDude45: Hi 30/m/va
maeincarnate: Hi, 30/m/va
SomeDude45: wait r u a guy or girl
And then I blocked the shit out of him. I tell ya, few things lately have brought me such giddy glee as hitting that block button. I like to make my own Family Fued buzzing sound when I do it too. Like (I swear to god this was his username) realman4trueluv, who after calling me "baby" a few times I called him "daddy-o" and he said "I'm not daddy. xcept to my 8 year old but she lives with my wife." BUUUZZZZZZZZZZT.

I have since disabled the IM indicator on my profile, but I may have to turn it back on. Before it was just annoying; now it's entertainment. And I'm willing to put up with a lot of shit for the sake of comedy.
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