December 19th, 2005


Adventures in Online Dating, Vol. 2

I never did turn off the IM log on my home computer. Shit like this makes me realize why. Let me introduce the next subject in the Online Dating Adventure, we'll call him Gilbert. I get an IM from Gilbert one night and it starts off on an odd yet fascinating note. The headline for my profile is a Simpsons quote, and Gilbert uses this line as his intro to the IM conversation. I ask if he knows what it means, and his honest to god response is, "probably simpsons." Why probably, I ask, is he used to not catching Simpsons quotes? "i really dont watch that show. not my kinda thing." Curious, I prod as to why.
Gilbert: i think it's more along the type of humor that i dont get
Mej: why is that
Gilbert: i'm not into degrading or demoralizing humor
Mej: interesting
Gilbert: i dont make jokes at other's expense
Mej: why do you think Simpsons is degrading and demoralizing?
Gilbert: just seems like everything i've heard about it is that they like to make fun of certain types of people
Mej: that's unfortunate. it's a lot deeper than that.
Mej: is there a particular type of person you hear they make fun of in particular?
Gilbert: well i've heard they make fun of retarded people, slow learners, etc...and make derogetory comments about them
Mej: hmm
Mej: I can't say it has neverhappened, but nothing comes to mind. not that defending the Simpsons is my business
Mej: but I can't think of the last time I talked to someone whose knowledge of the Simpsions came secondhand
I felt like I had just received an instant message from a bomb shelter. I can understand not being able to talk about specific moments of particular episodes, but to have avoided perhaps the most popular show on television, let alone one that's been on for over 15 years.

Ignorance quickly turns into hypocracy:
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