December 29th, 2005


2005: A Retrospective

It's been a stellar year for your gal Mej. It's been a year of personal growth, new experiences, fun highlights, good friends, and good fun.

January, with the help of my brother and especially my sister-in-law, brought me my first niece. It's amazing how something so little can change so much in such a short time, and to experience that feeling of loving someone the very first second you see them. I'm so excited to see her grow up and I love watching my brother and sister-in-law with her.

In February I became a convert to the Church of iPod, which while a seemingly small event, it's brought music back to my life. For about two years, I didn't buy any new music, and rarely listened to it. I wasn't going to carry around a Discman and a pile of CDs, and when I was home, I'd have the TV on for ambient noise. Like so many things you don't realize are taking a toll on you, or how much you missed them until they're back, I feel so much happier.

March was mostly in anticipation of April. The Annual Trifecta Birthday Party was its usual success, but looking back on entries, I realize just how anxious I was.

In April, I got my Thyroid taken out, which in spite of all of the stress leading up to it, has turned out to be one of the best things that has ever happened to me. The change in how I feel has been drastic. I have felt emotionally better since my surgery than I have in years. Again, you don't realize how much you missed things until they're back. I never realized just how bad I had felt, and the more I think about it, the longer back I suspect I had the problem. It's amazing how much one little imbalance will do to a person. And while I don't want to dwell on the negative, but when I think about how all of the circumstances for me finding out about this problem orchestrated themselves so perfectly, I realize just how lucky I am to have been diagnosed. I could have been feeling as bad as I was for a long long time and never known the difference.

April also brought us the beginning of The Worst, which came to it's predictable conclusion in June.

Looking back over old entries, it seems like summer was a pretty normal summer. I'd say I can't think of anything big to say about it, but then again it feels like it was both 6 weeks and 6 years ago.

Fall started off with me being kicked off my own journal, and further enhanced by joining a Fantasty Football League.

For my birthday, I received a necklace from soarjubs and his wife. She got it at this new-agey store that not only sells jewelery but will custom make it for you. I brought it in to have a new setting made, since the one that came with it was too small to cover my ol' zipperneck scar. As I watched this woman make my necklace, I thought to myself "hey, I could do that," and thus, a new hobby was born.

In October, the fruition of 10 years of panic was actualized, with my much anticipated High School Reunion, which was everything I feared, everything I hoped it would be, and nothing like I expected.

As for November and December? They were recently enough. I had a great Thanksgiving and a lovely Christmas with my family. I threw my hat into the online dating ring, and thanks to a few weeks of bullshit, ended up taking 7th in my Fantasy Football League.

In summation, 2005 has been a great vintage. Bottle and cork it. Happy New Year, LiveJournal. Here's to 2006.