February 2nd, 2006

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The Scenario:

I won an auction on eBay on December 20. Granted, a tad late for Christmas, but it was worth a shot. It was for a rare GBA game that the store nerds snorted and laughed at me when I asked if they had it in stock (one even said "You want AstroBoy Omega Factor?!?! The BEST and RAREST GBA game EVER? Uh, yeah we had one. In March. It's mine now). So eBay it was. There were several auctions up for it, but this one was the most respectible-seeming with a decent Buy It Now. So bought it I did.

I got all the immediate email communication and assumed everything was a go. It didn't arrive in time for Christmas, but hey. January 4, an email comes in saying "I am very sorry, but we have encountered an unexpected out of stock on this item. We are expecting more to arrive in a few days." January 19: "Your order has shipped! Details from your order are below." It was in my mailbox around January 26.

Now it's fine, and factory sealed, and all that. But what's an auction doing up if they're "out of stock"? I could have bought from any of the other auctions and gotten it a month ago.

The Question:
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What kind of feedback do I leave?

Neutral. You got it, and the order is right. Shipping delays happen.
Negative. You got Baited & Switched. Fuck'em.
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