April 18th, 2006

When I'm Bad I'm Better

R.I.P. Frankenstein

After six years and twice as many incarnations, Frankenstein, my beloved computer, has shut down for the last time. What was once my trusty cube partner at musicmaker has been gutted, rebuilt, and revitalized over the years with a bizarre marriage of some things old, some things new, and even a blue light that shone out his backside.

Alas, Frankenstein can be quickened no more. He has served me well, and it would be a foolish to try to squeeze more life out of him. If I were truly dedicated to film allusion, I would toss him out of a burning mill, but I think I might save the case. The sum may not be worth anything, but there's still a few good parts left.
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asdfa gg

If my Hotmail account stays "temporarily unavailable" for much longer, I'm gonna start stabbing.
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Zipperneck: Bragging Party

The upside of the demise of my computer is all the time I'd normally be researching the nuances of the Amazing Race I've been making jewelery. My brother, sister-in-law and I have plans to get a booth at a local flea market in the next few weeks and I am hoping to have at least 30 pieces ready to sell. I'm about 10 or so away, and need to make some earrings for sets.

The Zipperneck Gallery has been updated, but I'll take advantage of this captive audience for a few quick indulgences: