April 25th, 2006


The contents of your resume are suspect.

The former Chairman of our Board told us yesterday that the bio we have on file for him is out of date, and offered to fax us a new one. We asked that he simply email us the document instead and he said he'd try but wasn't sure if he'd be able to.

Sure enough, he faxed it. Today I will have to retype it. The office manager said he faxed it because he "can't" email it. I said I doubted that, but she insisted that he "can't."

As I retype this man's bio, in which he claims to have an MBA, an honorary Doctor of Laws Degree, and have served on the boards of two banks and one major cell phone company, I'm supposed to belive that he is so stupid he can't figure out how to email a document. Something tells me only one of these things is true, and I don't think he got an Alumni Achievement Award for being lazy and unwilling.
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