June 27th, 2006

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Seller Be Warned, a reflection composed while still technically on my lunch hour

So I had these jewel cases left over from Musicmaker that for some reason I thought I would be making 200 mix CDs at some point in my life so I took a carton of them. They've been sitting in my closet since February of 2001. During last week's major declutter, I listed them on ebay. Got a super anal email from a guy asking about the little dots that hold the inside liner notes in, took more pics, emailed back, so on and so forth.

Turns out he lives in Fairfax and rather than ship the 30lb box he'd like to pick it up. No problem - less hassle to drive to some McDonalds than to the post office. Then the guy doesn't win the auction. He didn't even bid on it. Some chick in Georgia won it. So he ends up buying them off her, sending her some other jewel cases he has that don't have the specific dot liner note things in them bladdity blah. Then he offers to burn me some music for my trouble (in addition to the auction price). I grow intrigued.

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Wow, buddy. Way to blow it. Apparently there's only 10 minutes between Interesting Music Guy and Rambling Spaz.
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The New Digs

I am still overwhelmed at my new setup. I have an office with a door and a little plaque out front and a window with a view and everything. The temptation to slack, especially since my boss will be out most of this, next, and the following weeks, while my monitor no longer faces a hallway is severe.

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