July 10th, 2006

When I'm Bad I'm Better

Time Management

Today I tried working out before going to work. It doesn't look like working out a lunch is going to be an option, and waiting until after work leaves open way too many temptations. The pros are that since I don't have to be at work until a 1/2 hour later than at my last job, and that my commute is a 1/2 hour shorter, I don't really have to get up early to do so. And I can't really *not* work out, since I'm getting on the bus unshowered in my gym clothes. On the con side, I really enjoy taking long steamy showers with lots of froofy smelly soaps. Somehow the utilitarian feel of showering in a stall with flip flops on doesn't have the same appeal. And having left the house within 15 minutes of waking up, I know damn well I'm going to forget something important one of these days. But we gotta do what we gotta do, I suppose.

Day 1: I either overestimated the time I had or just plain snoozed too long. Left apartment at 7:15, caught 7:32 bus, workout truncated by approximately 20-25 minutes. Cardio noticeably more difficult first thing in the morning; weights noticeably easier.
Lunch is a much bigger deal here than it has been at past jobs. My first week, I assumed that most of the lunch invitations I was receiving was more of a welcoming thing, now I'm learning that it's common, if not expected, to eat with co-workers in some fashion or another, whether it's deciding on a place to go, or deciding on a time to meet and eat whatever you have. Not since musicmaker has lunch been such an event, and even then it was more the getting of lunch that was the social part - we'd all go buy our lunches together but disperse to our desks to eat.

I don't like taking lunch. It sounds insane, but it strikes me as a horrible waste of time. There's nothing really that can be done in that time that significantly saves me time elsewhere, I can very well eat and work at the same time, and I tend to be more of a grazer, eating smaller snacks throughout the day. I'd prefer to just work straight through the day and leave early. I'd eat at my desk, but I have learned that the Big Boss is a bit of a neat freak, and may look down upon it, but I'm really not comfortable eating on a picnic bench outside. Maybe if I close the door. Heh. Door.

What brings this on is that I turned down a lunch offer today. The excuse I gave was that I had some stuff to do in preparation for a meeting, but in reality, I had brought my lunch, wasn't hungry, and honestly, didn't feel like doing the smalltalk thing during the break that I am sort of forced to take. Part of me is worried about my social standing here if I continue to turn down lunch offers, but on the other hand, lunching alone is what I want anyway, so if I make a habit of agreeing to lunches, it will be harder to break off later.

Christ, hasn't this just been the Overreaction Dumping Ground lately. I sound like Woody Allen. I need to watch more TV. I haven't been appropriately mused by a commercial in way too long.
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