July 12th, 2006

Mej Fan Club

Energy, Efforts, and the Ebbs and Flows Thereof

For the second workplace in a row, I have discovered that my idea of logical trash can placement is not congruent with the cleaning staff's. For me, the can sits on the floor to my left, about a foot or so over from my left elbow, at the end of what seems to me the most natural trash discarding body motion.

Not according to the janitorial population of the DC Metro Area. They seem to believe the trash can belongs on the right, or in the case of my new office, behind me. The right I could understand, but to have to stop and turn around before tossing out a used napkin or a few misaligned staples? Madness.

At my old job, I'd kick off every day with the Promethean task of moving my trash can to its proper place. Today, as I reached to move it, I paused in reflective contemplation. Was I disrupting the shui of my office? Perhaps symbolically the best placement for trash is behind me, and without the can there to contain it, the "trash" will linger in my workspace. It was folly to disrupt the energy flow, and there the trash can has sat all day.

Okay fine so I figured it wasn't worth the effort to move it every day and that I'd learn to live with the damn thing back where it is. You win this round, cleaning people. If you think I'm going to roll over this easily every time, think again. I still got some fight in me.