August 9th, 2006

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The Flirtingest Deli in Arlington

As I explore my new workly surroundings, I have been experimenting with the local delis, trying to find the best place for a Bacon Egg & Cheese. The results have been mixed: one place is great only if it's this one lady making them, another uses to much egg (2 eggs is too many for a sandwich), a third is not as convenient to get to as the rest, and then there's McDonalds and Chick-Fil-A, which are just cheating.

The best so far is Mary's Cafe. They fry the egg rather than scramble it, the bacon is cooked just right, and they even have good home fries. But the benefits of Mary's don't end there. It's the flirtingest deli in Arlington.

The other week, tried out Mary's for the first time. While I was waiting for my sandwich, one of the line cooks looked up and complimented my tan. He asked me where I got it and I told him from the tanning salon down the street. Then he said a girl like me should be getting tan on nice vacations. I laughed and figured the conversation was over, and paced around the store a bit. When my sandwich was ready, he says, "I wish I brought a camera today." Why's that, I ask, "so when I tell my friends I saw what a real female is supposed to look like today, they don't think you were in a magazine or something."

Awesome. Just the kind of rambly, semi-sensical come ons I love from fry cooks. I assumed this would be an isolated incident, or at least isolated to that specific cook. Today proved me wrong. I went back in to Mary's for the same purpose and my friend wasn't working. I figured it would be a flirt-free breakfast.

I placed my order, paid, and patiently waited. I watched the cook prep an omelete and a BLT for the guys ahead of me, and saw my sandwich next to theirs waiting to be wrapped. The cook comes around to the counter, holds my sandwich gently in his hands and says "I'm sorry you had to wait, but it took me longer because I wanted to make this sandwich very special for you because you have beautiful eyes." I'm sure I'll enjoy it, I said. "I hope you do."

Now, as long as "making it very special" doesn't mean something biolgical (which there was no evidence of upon consumption), one might think this would be the place to visit every day, but no. I would hate to diminish the awesomeness of these cooks by making this part of a routine.
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