November 28th, 2006


I try to make up stuff this good. Really, I do.

On Saturday, Evan and I spent the day with his folks up in Frederick, MD poking around the quaint little downtown shops and whatnot. It was a beautiful late-autumn day, complete with that crisp smell in the air and just cool enough not to have to zip up your jacket. Late in the afternoon, we found ourselves in one of those country shops for Oprah viewers filled to the rafters with eucalyptus swags, ceramic bunnies, and potpourri. As I looked at a display of candles, I hear the following conversation:
Hausfrau #1: giggling and pointing at embroidered throw pillow
Oh, looklooklook! It says "On Dasher, on Dancer, on Mastercard, on Visa!"

Hausfrau #2: It's funny because they changed it!
At which point, Evan's mom and I look at each other red-faced and choking, and head straight for the door.
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