December 6th, 2006


Airing of the Grievances

At work, our department is having a little Festivus celebration, with each of us having been put in charge of one of the Festivus traditions. I have been nominated to head up the Airing of the Grievances.

What I've decided to do is a variation on a game my family played over Thanksgiving called Whoonu. I'm going to make up a deck of cards, each with an office Grievance on them. Each player gets however many cards. Each round, one person is IT. The other players throw down cards face down of what they think is IT's biggest Grievance. IT looks at the cards, and lays them out from biggest to least grievance. The player that throw in the biggest grievance gets the most points, and so on down to the player who threw in the least grievance. Total score wins.

We've got 8 people in the department, so I'll need a *minimum* of 100 cards. So far I'm thinking of stuff like:

Weird Cell Phone Rings
Answering Blackberry in a Meeting
Conference Calls
The Database
Stinky Food
Copier Jams
Spam Email

If anybody has some suggestions, please comment. I know some of these sound my-office-specific, but general office grievances are more than welcome.
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Christmas Cheer

El Vez: Same Old Show

I had been looking forward to Friday night for months ever since bruthae posted about announced El Vez Merry Mex-Mas tour dates. It was the third time I got to see El Vez, and both times prior had been so much fun, I gushed about it to everyone I knew and built up equal excitement in many. The last time I saw him (in either 2003 or 2004), it was a fun, campy, ridiculous Christmas extravaganza with clever songs, awesome costume changes, and jokes. My face hurt from smiling and laughing so much. Sure he threw in a few anti-Bush jokes and made a couple of political cracks, but what performance type doesn't do that? He was creative enough in the entertaining parts of the show to overlook his pulling the same old tired routine.

This year? Not so much. There wasn't a new song in the bunch, and even the old ones had been revamped to be extra political. He even went so far as to interrupt the performance with a slide show on a sheet about the war while singing a song to the tune of the Grinch about Bush. If I wanted to tune into to some liberal political rants, I'd be home reading LJ (ba-dum-dum), not out at a live show expecting to be entertained. My boyfriend said even though he agrees with the politics of the message, one political soapbox song per show is enough, but there were three or four in a row like this. Slow, boring, exhausting songs. I honestly wouldn't have been surprised if he made a hanging chad reference.

It made me so sad to see this once clever and innovative performer just standing on stage spouting out last night's Daily Show, and worse that I had told all my friends who paid money to see it that they would have fun and see something different. What I was hoping to be a fun Christmas Season Opener was just a big letodown. Good thing I went to the Bahamas the next morning. Details on that to come.
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