December 20th, 2006

Christmas Cheer

This or That: Shipwreck or Trainwreck

I was getting a little scared on this one. There was a lot of big talk about Real World nerdery and even Titanic geekdom. So let's see how you all did, shall we?

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Since none of the Titanic people were anybody famous, it was pretty much a game of whether or not you knew your Real World people's names. More guys named Ali and Ahmed died on the Titanic than I would have expected, and another neat thing about the Victims of the Titanic list is that 3rd class passenger tickets cost as low at 4£, and 1st class ranged from 25£ to 263£ (paid, ironically, by Mark Fortune). Some 3rd class passengers paid more than 1st class. Maybe they brought more stuff with them. TorT makes you smrt.

This week's first class winners and Real World junkies tied with 11/13: mac and coldblackncold!

Coming in second with 10/13, the Los Angeles, if you will, thenotoriousmeb and piperlemons!

And in third place, lucky enough to get spots on the lifeboat with 9/13, absolutcalm, observacious, and bfirrera!

As always, suggestions for future This or That categories welcome.
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