January 18th, 2007


This or That: Jew or Gentile

Wow. Nothing brings out the players like celebrities and an old classic. First-time players, welcome!

Without further ado, Collapse )

Some tough calls in that tricksy Hollywoodland. I couldn't believe a few of them myself (ahemNathanLaneahem).

She had a feeling, and the feeling was the right one. Mazel Tov to piperlemons for taking first place with 10/13!

Second placers darkymoore, popespydie, and bobwhite won't get spanked by any nuns or guilted by any moms for their 8/13!

And with so many people in third place with 7/13, they may as well be a Catholic family: buxmama, first-time placer sonicblue, renob423 and soarjubs!