January 25th, 2007


This or That: The Good Book or the Good Bard

As Mondays come and Mondays go, we play
the game. Was short on pairs from which to vote,
but observacious saved the day.
And now for Collapse )

First place goes to the lovely Miss aiode.
With ten out of thirteen, she stole the show.
In second place, we've got coldblackncold,
With ccjohn and verymandy you know
Got eight points each - not enough for the gold.

Then darkymoore, rustnroses, and of course
popespydie all scored seven points apiece.
And so it ends, this topic Tour du Force.
And for this poem, I might need some grease.

So wave your mouse in this little salute
to observacious: smart, and oh so cute!