March 15th, 2007


This or That: American Movie Classics?

Another great week for This or That. In some cases, I was worried it was too obvious which ones were on the AMC playlist because really, how else would I have thought of The Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas? Collapse )

Coming in first, with...well, the best score of the week, the Citizen Kane of This or That, bfirrera with 9/13!

In second place, with 8/13, This or That's Godfathers I and II, rustnroses and soarjubs!

And in third, almost as many placers scored 6/13 as there are Nicholson films on an AFI list, kadi, popespydie, and absolutcalm!

We'll see the rest of you guys at 8:05 Eastern on TBS.