May 15th, 2007


Ice Phenomenon....SOLVED!!!

You guys remember that bizarre stalagmite ice formations on the trays at my old job? Over two years later, we have the real scientific answer (which wasn't too far off from funboytim's guess) Enormous props to mac for sending me this article:

If a crust of ice with a small hole in it forms over liquid water, it can trap the liquid below, leaving it no room to expand during freezing. So, as the water begins to solidify, it is forced up through the hole and begins to freeze around the hole's edge, forming a hollow, water-filled spike. ...

Spikes typically form when the ambient air is well below 0 degrees Celsius, allowing for rapid freezing—an air temperature of about –7 degrees C (20 degrees Fahrenheit) turns out to be optimal. ... Pure water works best for spike formation, as does a container with vertical sides, such as an ice tray.

So, from this the following things can be learned:
1. We had our freezer set too cold.
2. The folks at DrinkMore should use this as an ad gimmick to prove how pure their water is.

Wouldn't hold out much hope for the tape deck though. Or the Creedence.

I finally gave up and realized that my phone is not going to turn up in the boxes of work stuff returned from Vegas. When I called to suspend my service, I learned that I had an insurance policy on the phone so I could get a replacement for only $50. Sucks that it has to be the same phone model. I’m not a huge fan of the Razr – the size is perfect, but otherwise it’s just an okay phone.

Friday night I called the insurance company to make a claim and pay the $50. When the agent asked me if it was lost or stolen, and I said I wasn’t sure. I had it one moment, I didn’t have it the next, but I couldn’t say whether someone took it or it fell in a trash can somehow. Then he asked me if I had already filed a police report about the incident. I laughed out loud and said of course I hadn’t. He said he couldn’t complete my claim until he had the case number, officer’s name and badge number, and I hung up on him.

I spent the rest of the weekend playing out the conversation in my mind that was going to take place when I called up the Las Vegas PD’s Special Missing Cell Phones Division and alerted them to this latest baffling case that certainly would burden the already overworked crack team of cell phone sleuths combing the strip. They've assigned four more detectives to the case…got us working in shifts!

I was mentally prepared for the call by Monday morning when I got to work. There was a voicemail, however, from the insurance company’s automated system telling me that there has been a change to my claim and I should go online with my claim number to find out where it stands. I log on, and the website says the claim on my lost cell phone has been approved so all I need to do is give my credit card number and I’ll have a replacement the next business day. No case number, no badge number, no embarrassing call to the LVPD. My tracking information says my phone will be at my apartment after 3pm.

During the obscene amount of time I spent on hold waiting to talk to the button-presser who told me to call the police, a recording cheerfully told me I could visit their website for more help and information bladdity blah blah and I just got annoyed because I assumed the website would run me around in circles and eventually tell me to call this number like so many customer service websites do.

Remember: they want to talk to you as little as you want to talk to them. Calling 800 numbers should be your last resort. Make sure you can’t accomplish what you need without speaking to another human being before you try, or you may just end up doing something stupid.
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