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The Mad Poller What Polls at Midnight
May 30th, 2007 
Welcome Good Citizens of Soarjubsia,

Even now plans within plans unfold sinisterly in your very e-laps like some nefarious nethermachine whose inexplicably invisible cogs grind to and fro, each interlocking rotation taking you closer and closer towards my unknowable goal. I warn you, do not dig deeper into this insinuation, for you will find only madness on the path of absolute global domination (through Livejournal).

How does it feel to be mere playthings in the hands of a monarch so unfathomably superior, so mind-numbingly competent, so totally radical to the extreme?!?! I can only imagine.

I only point this out because I feel it's my duty (and it's just what bad guys do sometimes, kk?)


Emperor Soarjubs
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