July 31st, 2007


Ashes to Ashes, Justice for Justice

I am writing today to honor a great car. A car that is vivid in our memory and has been loved for many years. Long ago, in the summer of 1997, I taped the stereo of my blue Toyota Rollerskate to it's dashboard for the last time. After months of refilling the coolant every time I started it back up, the Rollerskate overheated itself to its final parking place. It was then that Sweet Justice came into my life.

Justice was an adorable car, a lovely shade of red that leaned just over onto the side of pink. She had pep, enough to beat out cars with much more muscled engines than hers, and could handle cruise control at speeds that could land me in jail. She got me back and forth to college twice, from North Carolina to New Jersey several times, and from DC to Graceland. She braved New York City gridlock and an accidental dip into the darkness of Arkansas.

She was a car loved by all. While staying at frockazulu's house while I was in Vegas for a few days, he re-glued her dangling side mirror. When calamine_tea came to visit last time, she was delighted to see Justice sitting in the parking lot. I knew whenever I needed her, I could depend on Justice to serve me well.

Today we say goodbye to Sweet Justice. She suffered some ailments in the twilight of her life, and after some debate, was repaired only two short days before she took her leave of us. It begs to wonder if she needed to be fixed in order to shift into the new gear of her life: that for all the years Justice was there for me, I needed to be there for her one more time.

But as we all know, one door never closes without another opening. Once Justice was prepared for her departure, a new bundle of joy readied to be welcomed in. She hasn't revealed her name to me yet, but once she does, I'll let all of you know. In the meantime, I'm pleased to introduce: Collapse )
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