October 9th, 2007


Moonlight: the Vampire Private Dick

Intrigued by observacious's post a few months ago, I decided to get me a season pass for Moonlight, the new show on CBS about a reluctant vampire private investigator unliving and working in Los Angeles. We've watched both episodes now, and I'm coming to the sad conclusion that the good parts do not even begin to outweigh the bad, bordering on offensive parts.

The cool things they have done with the show are all in the throwaway lines. It's revealed that the vampires of this reality do not immediately combust in sunlight, but that it effects them more like motion sickness: bothersome and possibly crippling after long periods of time, but tolerable in short bursts. Or in the second episode, he says the last time he was photographed was in 1950, when he was a young enough vampire to still be captured on film, but that digital has allowed him to be filmed again, thanks to the elimination of silver emulsion and actual film.

With awesome little details like that, you'd think there was someone with some vested interest in vampire lore on the writing staff. The enormous, glaring flaws with the premise leads me to believe that was a fluke, or that the one writer with vampire knowledge must be the intern. Collapse )
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