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The Mad Poller What Polls at Midnight
July 14th, 2008 
For someone who is generally responsible with their possessions, I have terrible luck with losing, breaking, or having my cell phone stolen. Take last year's Vegas disappearing act, or how two weeks ago, I came out to my car to find my phone sitting on the pavement having fallen out of my purse just in time for a freak thunderstorm. The phone has mostly recovered, save some residual resistance on the 3 and the 6.

On Friday night, Evan and I hung out with some of my co-workers. What was intended to be a standard happy hour turned into a full evening, complete with cars left in various places for Saturday morning pickup. When I woke up the next morning, I went to make a call and couldn't find my phone. I called it from Evan's and didn't hear it, and soon realized I had put it on vibrate the night before, so wherever it was, it was sure to be merrily vibrating on some soft surface.

I emailed my friends asking if they had picked it up - nope. Called the bar, they hadn't found it. I happened to remember the name of the cab company we took home, called them and asked if anyone turned it in - of course not. I txted myself asking to call Evan's number and then we went on with our day, figuring this post would be me asking you guys all to send me your numbers again.

At about 4pm, he got a txt from me saying my phone had been found. I called back, and spoke to a guy who said he was in the Courthouse area (at your old building, Kim) blocks from where we had ended the night before (Ragtime). I figured I must have dropped it when I was walking from the bar to where we hailed the cab. When I met the guy, I asked if he had found it on the street, and he said no, it was in the cab he took home from Adams Morgan the night before.

I wish I could have an Indiana Jones-style map of where my phone went since I lost it. It left Courthouse at about 11:30, either directly or indirectly made its way to Adams Morgan, and then returned itself to its original destination. Weird.
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