October 3rd, 2008


It's Friday Poll Time!

Do you like clicking buttons and asking silly questions? Then the Friday Poll is for you!

Poll #1271754 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

observacious -- If I keep eating lemon-poppyseed muffins will my child be born addicted to opiates?

If that's true, my mom must have eaten lots and lots of cigarettes when she was pregnant with me.
No but the spud might be born addicted to sweet delicious breakfast pastries.
See, that's why I am so compelled to eat macaroni & cheese - there's a tiny alien parasite growing inside me whose mother ate so much of the stuff when she was pregnant with it that it demands regular mac & cheese intake.
S/he will. You'll lose custody and go through a huge arduous investigation in which your parenting skills are questioned and the media will drag you though the mud and take no makeup pictures of you and nobody will believe it was just muffins.

absolutcalm -- Praise Shia Labuff. His awesomeness can not be rebuffed. He is rough and tuff with his Jew-fro puff. I can not praise him enough.

He's rolling in cash, and you know he scores mad ass, but I can't get over the hickstache.
I haven't seen any of his flicks. Transformers seemed like a good pick, but everyone said it was like cold shit on a stick, and I knew Lucas would piss all over the new Indiana Jones with his wrinkled Star-Wars-ruining dick.
This new Eagle Eye movie looks like a steaming turd. Although the reviews have been pretty positive as far as I've heard, the plot seems absurd. Do you concur?
They say he "has it", but to me he looks like a little moffet. He would have been great as a hobbit, but that's about it. I think if we were to have a conflict, his ass? I could kick it.

eideteker -- How will I fill the void left by the end of hurricane season?

With lots of cheap plastic crap from China.
With the latest televised scandal on The Network Formerly Known As Court TV.
With an area of low pressure followed by clear skies and mild temperatures.
Gearing up for Blizzard of the Century season.

friendship7 -- What's a better name for Wednesday? (hump day disqualified) I don't think "Hump Day Disqualified" is a good alternate name for Wednesday.

New Comic Book Day.
Friday, Jr.
The security guard in my building switches between calling it "Halfway There!" and "Only Two More Days!"
If we were to take the Anglo-Saxon mythological meaning of Woden's Day and translate it into Greek mythology, it would likely be Charonsday, as both gods were the carriers of the dead to the afterlife.

renob423 -- there is a friday the 13th remake planned for 2009. will it be better than the halloween remake of last year, and as a series which of the two were better as a whole? will the new sleepaway camp live up to the greatness of the original ? Anybody who gives a shit about this stuff can provide an answer here. I'll repost the question next week and we can choose among them.

pooplord -- 5:15 was dead on for NYC trip time. Where did we encounter the most traffic? (left West Falls Church and took 495 to 95 to NJTP to Holland Tunnel and had to cross town to get to the LES)

The Baltimore Tunnel.
The Turnpike - 95/495 (DE) split.
The part of the Turnpike near Elizabeth where it's like 10 lanes wide with the Truck/No Truck lanes.
The 495-meets-95 area of the Beltway.

The new Amazing Race - I was hoping Wavy Gravy would make it a few more weeks but I knew it wasn't gonna happen. Early favorites:

The Jewternity Brothers.
The Comic Book Guys.
Motherboy v2.0.
The bland black couple with the ace of not having irritated me in any way yet.

Early hateds:

The creepy incest twins with the abandonment issues who want to find their new Mom & Dad.
Mom & Dad. If you still don't forgive him for cheating on you, why are you here?
Miss "They didn't say hi to me" & Mr. "Touch me, I need contact & love"/"I appreciate your speed but you're outrunning me" marathon trainer guy.
The "He better marry me or it's over" chick and her deadeyed not-fiancee.

Heroes season 3:

The agony of season 2 is forgotten. We're back in a big way.

Are you watching Fringe?

I am, and I'm loving it. Pacey is great, the dad is great, and in spite of her terrible American accent, the chick is pretty good too. This last week really pulled the over-story together and things are looking strong.
I'm not convinced. It's House for the sci-fi set.
Nope, I'm missing out.


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