August 24th, 2009


The Beelocaust, or: Good God What Happened To Those Bees?

Saturday, Evan and I began installing the faux tin-tile sheets we have been meaning to hang over our backsplash for months. We had to remove the outlet plate so we figured while we were at it, we'd install a ground fault interrupter plug for safety's sake in the kitchen. When we unscrewed the plug and pulled it out of the wall, a big pile of dirt fell out. After a closer look and some debate as to whether or not it was rotten insulation, there was no doubting it, the entire outlet housing was filled with mostly-decayed bee corpses.

I want to make it perfectly clear that these photos were taken AFTER we scraped some of the clumps of dead bees out. The housing was completely full from top to bottom, side to side. How did all those bees get in there? What happened to them once they did? Did more come in after the first ones started dying?

Further down the tile installation line, we had to open up another outlet. This one was mercifully dead-bee free. Why that one outlet?

Has anyone ever heard or seen anything like this?
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