May 6th, 2011


It's Friday Poll Time!

On this, the ten-year anniversary of my LiveJournal, I have been going back and reading my old entries. This exercise has made a few things clear, most especially that in spite of how different my life is now, some things are very much the same.

Poll #1738731 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

If I were able to leave a comment today for 2001 Mej that she could read, it would say:

Ya know how easy it is to just pack a bag for the weekend, hop on a plane and cruise through security? Yeah, don't get too used to that.
There's this bar in Arlington called Dr. Dremo. You don't go there much now but you should really start, especially while you can still do this "close the bar and go to work tomorrow" thing.
Two words: Chapelle's Show. Get ready.
I know you're really shocked by the absurdity that is the corporate world and can't believe it's as bad as it is at your new job. You won't have to stress it much longer - it's like that everywhere and you'll get used to it soon.

I can't believe how often and how much I wrote back then. What has changed?

I burnt myself out from all the posting.
LJ intereferes with my terrible habit of repeating stories: now I know if I have told it or can go check if I'm not sure. Hell, I still tell some of the stories I posted in 2001. I've run out.
I don't take the Metro anymore, which complaints about or tales of made up aobut 80% of those posts.

Which of the following things that I bitched about 10 years ago can I expect to be bitching about in another 10 years?

Dipshits who put walnuts in cookies.
Being annoyed by people who seem to expect praise for mundane observations or accomplishments, e.g. "OMG Godfather 2 is so much better than Godfather 3!" or "You've seen OFFICE SPACE!?! haha 'where's my stapler?' am I rite?"
As long as there are places like LJ and Facebook, I will detest vague posts made in an attepmt to seem deep, whether by simply pasting song lyrics or disabling comments.
The overall poor manners of the general public, specifically when it comes to navigating waiting lines.

And now for a question from February: renob423 -- the fridge is leaking call the landlord or swap it with a spare one you THINK belongs to the apartment complex in the storage room?

Call the landlord. Moving two fridges around sounds a lot of work.
Call the landlord. Moving two fridges sounds like the exact kind of bullshit I pay him to deal with.
They have spare fridges? What else is in there?
Maybe this is why my old neighbors in the apartment had their fridge in the hallway that time.

renob423 -- if you swap, leave a note or let whoever figure out the fride was switched?

Leave a note. You don't want someone else who needs a good fridge to get screwed over with yours.
Right, like they give a shit. Think about this when you wonder why your "new" fridge has a broken ice maker.

renob423 -- if you leave note, leave contact info or not?

Leave a note, only if you plan to chew out the landlord for being so slow to respond that you had to do his job for him.
I can't think of any other good reason to leave a note with contact info.

Got a question? Keep it evergreen because who knows when the next poll will be.

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